Report For Andre Henry at Twin Ridge Apartments

Report For Andre Henry at Twin Ridge Apartments

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Performance Evaluations


  • Was the telephone answered promptly?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant answer by identifying him/herself and the community?Yes1/1
  • Was their voice pleasant and professional?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask for your name?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant use your name throughout the conversation?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask you how you heard about the community?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant request your phone number?Yes4/4
  • Did the leasing consultant ask your desired move in date?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask for the number of occupants?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask If you were looking for any special features or had any specific preferences in mind?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask if you needed directions to the community?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask what size apartment you were looking for?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask If you had a specific price range?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask If you had any pets? Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant describe the apartment features?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant describe the community amenities or local area conveniences?Yes1/1
  • Was a specific apartment described that met your needs?Yes1/1
  • Were the apartment features described before a price was given?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant create a sense of urgency?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant attempt to set an appointment with you?Yes5/5
  • Did the Leasing Consultant leave a positive impression about him/herself and the community?Yes1/1
  • As a result of the conversation were you looking forward to visiting the community?Yes1/1
  •  Total: 29/29

Please describe the Leasing Consultant's telephone presentation including greeting (state the exact greeting), prices, features, amenities, and how they persuaded you to visit the community (Please write the phone narrative from beginning to the end of the conversation): :

Andre pleasantly answered the phone within a few rings and was ready to assist. I asked about current availability and he asked what size apartment I was looking for. I said a 2BR. He also asked the move in date and I stated within the next month because my lease was up on 7/31/19. He immediately looked up the availability and said they would have something on Aug 5th, and it was a 2BR/2BA for $1,520.

He asked if I had looked at the property online and I said I had seen it on He was very polite and asked if it was okay to ask me more questions to find out what would be best for me and I agreed. He asked the reason for me moving and I said I wanted to be closer to work. He asked if early August would work and I said yes. He then asked for my contact information. He asked the number of occupants and I said it would be me only. He asked my current area and I said I lived in Towson.

Andre asked my budget and I said I did not want to go over $1,600. He let me know they could accommodate me and he would have an upcoming apartment in early August. He gave me a price of $1,520 (2BR/2BA) and on the lower mid-level.

He went on to inform me about the property and said the buildings were four stories. He went in detail on the apartment features including the balcony, square footage, updated deluxe kitchen, with faux granite counters, white cabinetry, ice maker freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and gas stove. He invited me in for a tour. He said he did not have a 2BR that I could see that same day; but I could come see the vacant one bedroom. I agreed. He stated that price as $1,155 and it was 818 square footage. He let me know that was also available. He asked when I was coming and made a point to make sure it was convenient for me. I agreed to come in the same day at 12:00 noon. He then explained the tour process and said he would sit down with me and find out my best apartment fit as well as show me the amenities like the pool and fitness center.

He asked if that would work for me and I agreed. Andre asked if I needed directions to the property and I said that I knew the location. He asked if I had any more questions and then repeated the appointment time back before saying goodbye.

Site Observation

  • Was the community easy to locate?Yes0/0
  • Were the community signs quickly visible?Yes0/0
  • Were there enough directional signs to easily find the leasing office?Yes0/0
  • Were the signs in good repair and attractive?Yes0/0
  • Did you find the property trash fee and neat?Yes0/0
  • Was the landscaping attractive?Yes0/0
  • Was there any trash of furniture around the dumpsters?No0/0
  • Was the leasing office neat and inviting?Yes0/0
  • Were refreshments made available?No0/0
  • Were building entries clean and free of clutter?Yes0/0
  • Did you notice any siding/trim, etc. which needed painting and repair?No0/0
  • Were laundry rooms neat and clean? N/A0/0
  • Were common areas pool/playground etc. well maintained?Yes0/0
  • Was your overall impression a positive one?Yes0/0
  •  Total: 0/0

Please explain your answers, if necessary, to the questions related to the site observation: :

The community was very easy to locate. There was plenty signage leading up to the property, as well as colored flags at the entrance. Once on the property, there directional signs definitely helped me to locate the office, which was tucked in the community. The leasing office was clean and organized. However, a bit loud when trying to talk. A private office or area slightly removed from the front desks might help, as it was sometimes difficult to hear and concentrate because the outside conversations were so close and loud that they were obtrusive. The grounds were kept up well and looked much nicer in comparison to the neighboring property. There was no visible trash in the parking lots, buildings, or near dumpsters. The pool was gorgeous, the tennis courts was nice, and the dog park was a cute touch. Overall, the property was appealing.


  • Did the Leasing Consultant stand up to greet you with a smile and a handshake OR, if the Leasing Consultant was busy with someone else, did he/she acknowledge your presence and ask you to make yourself comfortable?Yes1/1
  • Was the Leasing Consultant dressed professionally?Yes0/0
  • Did the Leasing Consultant introduce him/herself to you?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant have a partially completed guest card available, fill one out to you, or invite you to fill one out?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant seem genuinely interested in helping you?Yes1/1
  •  Total: 4/4

Please describe how the Leasing Consultant interacted with you when you first arrived on-site? :

Upon entering the office, I immediately said that I had called about looking an apartment. Andre stood right up, greeted me with a firm handshake and smile and introduced himself. He asked if I was Ayanna and I can tell that he was awaiting my arrival. He was dressed appropriately in a nice button down shirt, slacks and casual shoes. Someone came in from BGE and he asked me if it was okay to excuse himself and I agreed. While he found another person to assist them, he sat me at a small table right near the front desk and gave me a folder with the marketing material to browse in the meantime.


  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm how you heard about the community?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm your move-in date?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm number of occupants?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm special or specific features?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm your phone number?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm the size apartment you needed?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm your current address?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm why you are moving? Yes1/1
  •  Total: 8/8

Please describe the process used by the Leasing Consultant to uncover your needs by qualifying during the on-site presentation::

Andre went over my guest card and verified the basic information like apartment size, move in date, occupants, pets, and asked my preferences again. I said I wanted more space and washer and dryer inside the apartment. He let me know the 2BR/2BA offered substantial closet space as well as the washer and dryer in the unit. He asked if I had a chance to look online and I said I had not. He let me know the price included utilities which were water, sewage, trash removal and gas and that I would only be responsible for electric. He asked my floor level preference and I said top level was preferred. He said that the 2BR was available in early August on the lower mid level. He asked if I had any more questions before we took a look at the vacant apartment. I said no and he then took my drivers license for the tour.


  • Did you see a MODEL or a VACANT?Yes0/0
  • Was a convenient route taken to the vacant/model apartment? Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant attempt to find out more about you while you walked to the vacant/model, during the presentation, or while reviewing floor plans?Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant speak of the benefits concerning the Management Company?Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant mention maintenance and their quick response?Yes2/2
  • Did he/she discuss or point out the amenities and facilities on the property or any area conveniences?Yes2/2
  • Were benefits or features in the apartment pointed out or discussed with you?Yes2/2
  • Was the presentation personalized by talking about your furniture/belongings and how they would fit in the apartment?Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant spend enough time with you throughout the demonstration?Yes2/2
  • Were your objections overcome?Yes2/2
  • Was the vacant/model comfortable (lighting, temperature, clean)?Yes2/2
  •  Total: 20/20

Onsite Narrative (Please provide a detailed narrative of your visit and be specific. This is mandatory.):

Andre promptly began the tour. As we walked, he went over the leasing office hours and the convenience of being open 7 days a week. We began the tour with the pool, as it was directly connected to the leasing office. The pool was beautiful and well maintained. Andre was sure to review the pool hours as well as the guest fee of $5. We then walked to the 24-hour fitness center, which was also connected to the leasing office. He personalized the presentation as we talked and let me know that he even sometimes used the gym himself. We took the golf cart to the vacant. As we drove, he spoke kindly to residents walking by and also pointed out the tennis court and the new pet park. When we pulled up, he explained that the parking lot was unassigned and residents could park anywhere. I took the opportunity to ask about safety and the parking lot. I asked if there were any cameras in the lot, but he said no. He said it was some near the leasing office, but that the lot was well lit and that the apartments had controlled access with 4-digit codes.

We entered the apartment and it was clean and cool. He explained the kitchen style, which was different than the available 2 BR I was interested in. Andre explained in great detail the layout differences of the 1 BR vacant, in comparison to the 2BR. He let me know that as soon as the residents moved out the next 2BR, he would give me a call to come see it.
As we left the apartment, Andre showed me the complimentary lockers for all residents which was on the bottom floor of the building. He always made references to personalize and used terms like "your apartment" etc. I asked the floor of the available 2BR and if there were any buildings that didn't have children, since I didn't like people over top of my head making noise. He said the property didn't have specific sections for kids and any qualified residents can live anywhere on the property due to Fair Housing Laws.

He showed me the dumpsters and said they picked up four times a week and recycling once per week. When I asked about security on the property, Andre again reiterated the controlled access entry codes. He also mentioned the maintenance supervisor who had been there for over 15 years and how the team was good about pointing out suspicious behavior.


  • Did the Leasing Consultant invite you back to the office?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask you to fill out an application and discuss the application process?Yes10/10
  • Did the Leasing Consultant confirm your move in date?Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant mention any specials or incentives that were currently being offered?No0/3
  • Did the Leasing Consultant create a sense of urgency?Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask you why you were not interested in renting today? No0/2
  • If you stated that you had other places to see, were you asked where else you wanted to look before making a decision?No0/1
  • Was the Leasing Consultant knowledgeable about neighboring/competing properties?No0/1
  • Were you given a brochure?Yes1/1
  • Were you give an application? Yes1/1
  • Did you feel that the leasing consultant was giving the sale his/her best effort?Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant attempt to overcome your objections in regards to why you are not ready to lease today and close again?No0/4
  • Based on the Leasing Consultant's performance would you have rented from him/her?Yes5/5
  •  Total: 24/35

Please briefly describe the Leasing Consultant's closing skills and techniques used ( This is a mandatory field. Be as specific as possible).:

We drove back to the office and Andre gave me back my drivers license. He asked if I wanted to apply and asked if I had any further questions. He mentioned that people break leases often and the availability changes daily. Andre did not mention any specials nor ask why I didn't want to apply that day. However,he did tell me about the wait list which gives preference for upcoming availability. He gave me his card and referred me to the website. Andre had already given me the folder with the brochure, application, etc. Andre did not urge me to apply, but he did encourage me to call him with any questions and/or come back for another tour. Andre was not pushy with the closing as I have experienced in the past, but most certainly gave it a good effort. His dedication to ensuring I got exactly what I wanted seemed very genuine and that alone would have led me to rent at Twin Ridge.

Fair Housing/ Crime Supplement

  • Did the Leasing Consultant respond properly when you asked "What type of security do you have?" or "Is it safe here?"Yes0/0
  • Did the Leasing Consultant respond properly when you asked "What type of people live here?" Yes0/0
  • Was there anything the Leasing Consultant said or did that could have been perceived as discriminatory?No0/0
  •  Total: 0/0

Explain the Leasing Consultant's response to "What type of security do you have?" or "Is it safe here?" and "What type of people live here?" :

Andre handled the security questions well. When I asked about cameras, he let me know they did not have any in the parking lots, but the controlled access feature added to the security. He also mentioned the maintenance team who did a good job at looking out for suspicious activity. I asked about kid free buildings and he made it clear that would be discriminatory and that any qualified resident could live anywhere on the property due to Fair Housing.

Performance Evaluation

Total Phone Score: 100%
On Site Score: 84%
Total Score: NAN%

General Questions