Report For Kate Desmond at Sykesville Apartments

Report For Kate Desmond at Sykesville Apartments

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Performance Evaluations


  • Was the telephone answered promptly?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant answer by identifying him/herself and the community?Yes1/1
  • Was their voice pleasant and professional?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask for your name?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant use your name throughout the conversation?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask you how you heard about the community?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant request your phone number?Yes4/4
  • Did the leasing consultant ask your desired move in date?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask for the number of occupants?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask If you were looking for any special features or had any specific preferences in mind?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask if you needed directions to the community?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask what size apartment you were looking for?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask If you had a specific price range?Yes1/1
  • Did the leasing consultant ask If you had any pets? Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant describe the apartment features?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant describe the community amenities or local area conveniences?No0/1
  • Was a specific apartment described that met your needs?Yes1/1
  • Were the apartment features described before a price was given?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant create a sense of urgency?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant attempt to set an appointment with you?Yes5/5
  • Did the Leasing Consultant leave a positive impression about him/herself and the community?Yes1/1
  • As a result of the conversation were you looking forward to visiting the community?N/A1/1
  •  Total: 28/29

Please describe the Leasing Consultant's telephone presentation including greeting (state the exact greeting), prices, features, amenities, and how they persuaded you to visit the community (Please write the phone narrative from beginning to the end of the conversation): :

The phone was answered on the first ring by a lady with an upbeat and friendly tone. She said "Good Afternoon thanks for calling Sykesville Apartments, this is Kate how can I help you? I told her I was looking for an apartment. She then asked what size I needed; I informed her a two-bedroom. She asked for my move-in date, I told her March 28th. She asked for my name, I provided her by spelling it out. She asked for the size again because she couldn't hear me, I repeated a two-bedroom. She asked how many occupants in the unit and if I would be bringing any pets. I responded two occupants and no pets.

Next, she asked how did you hear about us, I told her She then responded awesome. After I provided the information, she began to tell me about the apartments. She told me that there were two different floor plans for the two-bedroom/one-bath and two-bedroom deluxe. Deluxe is a much larger floor plan with an eat-in-kitchen. She asked if I was looking for more space. I told her I would prefer more living space. She then began to give me the pricing but not before telling me that the price difference between each floor plan was minimal. She also told me that if I took possession of the unit within the next 14 days, she could offer me a good deal. The unit was a two bedroom 1-1/2 bath, immediate move in for $1,399- and first-month’s rent for free. We exchanged words of excitement about how good the deal was. She then invited me to visit the community if I was in the area. I told her I was in the area but would like to come in later. We set the time and she confirmed her availability. She asked if I knew where the community was, I confirmed the location. She said I was right. We exchanged good byes and ended the call.

She was friendly throughout the call. She didn't go into detail about my preferences within the unit either. She really didn't give much details about the apartment. She said it was large but never mentioned the square footage or features of the apartment. She did create urgency when she talked about the offer. The conversation was not enough to entice me to visit the community. No amenities were discussed about the community or the apartment.

Site Observation

  • Was the community easy to locate?Yes0/0
  • Were the community signs quickly visible?Yes0/0
  • Were there enough directional signs to easily find the leasing office?Yes0/0
  • Were the signs in good repair and attractive?Yes0/0
  • Did you find the property trash fee and neat?Yes0/0
  • Was the landscaping attractive?Yes0/0
  • Was there any trash of furniture around the dumpsters?Yes0/0
  • Was the leasing office neat and inviting?Yes0/0
  • Were refreshments made available?Yes0/0
  • Were building entries clean and free of clutter?Yes0/0
  • Did you notice any siding/trim, etc. which needed painting and repair?Yes0/0
  • Were laundry rooms neat and clean? N/A0/0
  • Were common areas pool/playground etc. well maintained?Yes0/0
  • Was your overall impression a positive one?Yes0/0
  •  Total: 0/0

Please explain your answers, if necessary, to the questions related to the site observation: :

The community had a wonderful curb appeal. Everything was well maintained and in good order.d The leasing office was cleaned and organized as well.


  • Did the Leasing Consultant stand up to greet you with a smile and a handshake OR, if the Leasing Consultant was busy with someone else, did he/she acknowledge your presence and ask you to make yourself comfortable?Yes1/1
  • Was the Leasing Consultant dressed professionally?Yes0/0
  • Did the Leasing Consultant introduce him/herself to you?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant have a partially completed guest card available, fill one out to you, or invite you to fill one out?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant seem genuinely interested in helping you?Yes1/1
  •  Total: 4/4

Please describe how the Leasing Consultant interacted with you when you first arrived on-site? :

Kate was at the back when I entered. She greeted me from the back and asked how I was doing. She said she would be right with me. About a minute later she she was standing face to face with me as she asked me how she could be of assistance. I told her I was here to see an apartment. She then remembered who I was and that I had an appointment. She was friendly and upbeat. She then asked me to have a seat and she would be right with me. She came back and introduced herself. She began to summarize our call.


  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm how you heard about the community?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm your move-in date?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm number of occupants?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm special or specific features?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm your phone number?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm the size apartment you needed?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm your current address?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or confirm why you are moving? No0/1
  •  Total: 7/8

Please describe the process used by the Leasing Consultant to uncover your needs by qualifying during the on-site presentation::

Kate confirmed the information from our phone call. She confirmed my move in date being flexible, the size unit I was looking for, the number of occupants and how I found the community. She confirmed if I was still able to move in within 14 days to get the special.

She did not ask me why I was moving.


  • Did you see a MODEL or a VACANT?Yes0/0
  • Was a convenient route taken to the vacant/model apartment? Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant attempt to find out more about you while you walked to the vacant/model, during the presentation, or while reviewing floor plans?Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Consultant speak of the benefits concerning the Management Company?Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant mention maintenance and their quick response?Yes2/2
  • Did he/she discuss or point out the amenities and facilities on the property or any area conveniences?Yes2/2
  • Were benefits or features in the apartment pointed out or discussed with you?Yes2/2
  • Was the presentation personalized by talking about your furniture/belongings and how they would fit in the apartment?No0/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant spend enough time with you throughout the demonstration?Yes2/2
  • Were your objections overcome?Yes2/2
  • Was the vacant/model comfortable (lighting, temperature, clean)?Yes2/2
  •  Total: 18/20

Onsite Narrative (Please provide a detailed narrative of your visit and be specific. This is mandatory.):

After confirming my information and obtaining my ID, Kate and I began the onsite tour. We walked to the vacant unit. While we walked, we talked about how peaceful the community is and the neighborhood. She also talked about the neighboring cities as well for shopping. She talked about maintenance being on call for 24/7 for emergencies, water included in the rent, and a small storage space provided to each unit. She mentioned how long she has been working for the company. When I asked about safety she said I could check with the local precinct.

We entered the vacant unit and she said that the unit has been renovated within the past couple of years. She points out the cabinets and commented on the counter space. She said that it all works out because of the cabinets and the eat in kitchen space. We proceeded to walk down a hall, which she mentions that the hallway is nice because it is cut off and no one can look down it. She points out the full bath room, master bedroom, and guest bedroom as well as the half bathroom. She then asked if I was okay with the space. I told her maybe. I then asked about a washer/dryer in the unit. She begins to explain how the current unit would look like if it had a washer dryer. The washer dryer was full size. We talked about the community and the safety.

She asked if I would prefer a washer dryer, I told her I would prefer that. She asked if I would like to see the vacant unit, I kindly declined because she did a good job demonstrating the unit we just visited. As we walked back, we talked about the unit with a washer dryer, the location of the unit, brand new carpet and assigned parking spaces for just those buildings.

We made our way back to leasing office but she wanted me to see the vacant unit across from the leasing office for the washer/dryer. We talked a little more about Carroll County and Old Sykesville as we made our way back. We looked at the vacant unit and she did a good job of explaining the differences versus what I would be getting. She talked about the pricing for the unit with washer/dryer which was $1,489. It still qualified for the first month’s free rent if I claimed the unit within 14 days.

Kate was enthusiastic and friendly throughout the tour. She mentioned features/benefits of things within the unit. Kate did not personalize the presentation by asking about my furniture or using "your apartment". Other than that the presentation was thorough.


  • Did the Leasing Consultant invite you back to the office?Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask you to fill out an application and discuss the application process?Yes10/10
  • Did the Leasing Consultant confirm your move in date?Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant mention any specials or incentives that were currently being offered?Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Consultant create a sense of urgency?Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask you why you were not interested in renting today? Yes2/2
  • If you stated that you had other places to see, were you asked where else you wanted to look before making a decision?No0/1
  • Was the Leasing Consultant knowledgeable about neighboring/competing properties?N/A1/1
  • Were you given a brochure?Yes1/1
  • Were you give an application? Yes1/1
  • Did you feel that the leasing consultant was giving the sale his/her best effort?Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant attempt to overcome your objections in regards to why you are not ready to lease today and close again?Yes4/4
  • Based on the Leasing Consultant's performance would you have rented from him/her?Yes5/5
  •  Total: 34/35

Please briefly describe the Leasing Consultant's closing skills and techniques used ( This is a mandatory field. Be as specific as possible).:

I was asked to fill out an application twice in the office. When I declined, she said I could do it from home. She then explained the application fee and how I could hold the apartment. She explained the prorated amount for the move-in within 14 day special. She didn't ask why I wasn't ready to lease. She then jotted down her hours and gave me a folder. The folder had information such as floor plans and application. She told me not to wait too long because they are busy. She went over the information quickly that was in the folder before physically handing the folder to me. She then told me she would reach out to me sometime after asking how long it would take for me to make a decision.

Fair Housing/ Crime Supplement

  • Did the Leasing Consultant respond properly when you asked "What type of security do you have?" or "Is it safe here?"Yes0/0
  • Did the Leasing Consultant respond properly when you asked "What type of people live here?" Yes0/0
  • Was there anything the Leasing Consultant said or did that could have been perceived as discriminatory?No0/0
  •  Total: 0/0

Explain the Leasing Consultant's response to "What type of security do you have?" or "Is it safe here?" and "What type of people live here?" :

She mentions how quiet and lovely the neighborhood is without me asking. She also mentions that she couldn't comment on safety and I should check with local law enforcement.

Follow-Up within 48 hours

  • Did the Leasing Professional follow up within 48 hours of your visit? Yes5/5
  •  Total: 5/5

Please explain what day and time your received a follow up. Did the Leasing Professional follow-up by email or phone call?:

Kate sent me two emails on 3/4/2020 and 3/5/2020. She then followed up with a phone call.

Performance Evaluation

Total Phone Score: 97%
On Site Score: 94%
Total Score: 0%

General Questions