Report For Porsha Brockington at Clearfield Apartments

Report For Porsha Brockington at Clearfield Apartments

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Performance Evaluations


  • Did the leasing Professional stand up to greet you OR, if the Leasing Professional was busy with someone else, did he/she acknowledge your presence and ask you to make yourself comfortable?Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional greet you with a smile? Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Professional dress professionally? Yes1/1
  • Was the Leasing Professional wearing a name tag?Yes0/0
  • Did the Leasing Professional introduce him/herself to you? Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional seem genuinely interested in helping you? Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional request a picture ID (If you never left the leasing office, mark N/A).Yes1/1
  • Did the Leasing Professional give a good first impression? Yes1/1
  •  Total: 13/13

Comment (Provide as much detail of the greeting as possible. This is a mandatory box.):

I arrived at the exact same time as a couple with a small child. Porsha greeted me and asked if we could all work together. I suggested that I come back but Porsha said that she had more appointments.

Qualifying/ Probing & Gathering

  • Did the Leasing Professional recall or ask about your move?Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consult recall or ask you what special features or preferences you wanted for your apartment home? Yes4/4
  • Did the Leasing Consultant recall or ask for your phone number? Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant recall or ask how many people would occupy the apartment? Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or recall if you had any pets? Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant recall or ask why you were moving? Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant recall or ask for your email address? Yes2/2
  •  Total: 16/16

Comment (Provide as much detail of the Gathering/Probing as possible. This is a mandatory box.):

She invited back to her office to ask me some questions. She recapped my move date, occupancy, pets, and floor preference. I said I had a cat and wanted the 1st floor. She told me they are a tax credit community. She gave me the income qualifications.

She told me about the application process and the pet deposit. She went over the security deposit and pet fee. She asked if I had any questions. I asked for the two-bedroom price and she gave me $930 a month and said it is the same price for all floors.

I told her that sometimes I come home late in the evening and do I have to worry about any safety issues. She said that crime has not address. She said I can get an alarm system if that made me feel more comfortable.

She immediately built a relationship and showed genuine concern for my needs. Her office was very organized and she was sure to offer refreshments.

Demonstration/ The Sale

  • Did you see a MODEL or a VACANT apartment?Yes0/0
  • Did the Leasing Consultant attempt to build rapport by finding out more about you during your visit, while you walked to the vacant/model, during the tour, or while reviewing floor plans?Yes5/5
  • Did he/she discuss or point out the amenities and facilities of the apartment community? Yes2/2
  • In the presentation of the vacant, model, or in review of the floor plans, was there discussion regarding your furniture/belongings and how those items would fit in the apartment, to ensure your visit was personalized?Yes2/2
  • Was the leasing office comfortable (lighting, cleanliness, room temperature, etc.) If there was no vacant/model?Yes4/4
  • After stating a concern (objection), was your objection overcome?Yes0/0
  • During the demonstration, did the Leasing Consultant reference your specific needs or preferences? Yes4/4
  •  Total: 17/17

Comment (Provide as much detail on the demonstration as possible. This is a mandatory box.):

Porsha took the other family and toured us together. She started telling us about the 24-hour gym and laundry facility. She told us about the pool and the hours of operation. She explained the offer to rent the washer and dryer inside the unit for $40 a month. She said parking is free.

She asked us if we were ready for the holiday to make a group conversation.

She opened the door to the vacant and told us to walk around and if we had any questions we could just ask. She did highlight each room with some features.

She asked me if it was everything I imagined it to be. She recommended American Furniture if I needed to furnish the home. She said all apartments come with central air.


  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask closing questions during the tour or as they were ending their presentation of the floor plans(if no tour)?Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask you to fill out an application and discuss the application process? Yes10/10
  • Did the Leasing Consultant create urgency? Yes3/3
  • Were you given a brochure, an application, and/or encouraged to apply online? Yes2/2
  • Did the Leasing Professional explain what was required in order to apply? Yes1/1
  • Based on the presentation, do you feel the Leasing Consultant was actively selling their product/encouraging you to live there? Yes5/5
  •  Total: 24/24

Comment (Provide as much detail on the closing as possible. This is a mandatory box.):

On the way back to the leasing office she asked if I was ready to apply and used my name in conversation. I said I was still looking at a few more places. She said my application would be good for 120 days, so she highly suggested I start the process.

She gave it her best effort to close me. I said I would be in touch. Porsha thanked me and wished me a Happy Holiday.

Fair Housing/Crime

  • When you asked, "Is it safe here?", how did the sales consultant respond?Yes0/0
  •  Total: 0/0

Comment (Provide as much detail as possible. This is a mandatory box.):

I told her that sometimes I come home late in the evening and asked if I have to be worried about any safety issues. She said that crime has not address. She said I can get an alarm system if that made me feel more comfortable. She informed me that In the move in packet I will find a list of suggested ways I can be safe inside and outside of my apartment and they go over that list in detail before I move in.

Site Observations

  • Was the community easy to locate?Yes0/0
  • Were community signs quickly visible?Yes0/0
  • Were there enough directional signs to easily find the leasing office?No0/0
  • Were the signs in good repair and attractive?Yes0/0
  • Did you find the property trash free and neat?Yes0/0
  • Was the landscaping attractive? Pot holes in parking lot.Yes0/0
  • Was there any trash or furniture around the dumpsters?Yes0/0
  • Was the leasing office neat and inviting?Yes0/0
  • Were refreshments made available?Yes0/0
  • Were building entries clean and free of clutter? Mail on the floor and some trash in hallway. Yes0/0
  • Did you notice any siding/trim, etc. which needed painting or repair?No0/0
  • Were laundry rooms neat and clean?Yes0/0
  • Were common areas like pool/playground well maintained?Yes0/0
  • Was your overall impression a positive one?Yes0/0
  • Please describe the condition of the community, leasing office, and vacant/model as well as the common area amenities.Yes0/0
  •  Total: 0/0

Comment (Provide as much detail as possible. This is a mandatory box.):

The grounds looked good. It was a bit muddy and it can possibly use a better system to drain water from excess rain. The parking area was neat and the office was very nice. There was refreshments and she offered the to me when I arrived and again before I left.

Performance Evaluation

Total Phone Score: NAN%
On Site Score: 100%
Total Score: 0%

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