Report For Catherine Quintanilla at Seven Springs Village

Report For Catherine Quintanilla at Seven Springs Village

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Performance Evaluations


  • Did the leasing Professional stand up to greet you OR, if the Leasing Professional was busy with someone else, did he/she acknowledge your presence and ask you to make yourself comfortable?No0/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional greet you with a smile? No0/1
  • Did the Leasing Professional dress professionally? N/A0/1
  • Was the Leasing Professional wearing a name tag?N/A0/0
  • Did the Leasing Professional introduce him/herself to you? No0/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional seem genuinely interested in helping you? No0/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional request a picture ID (If you never left the leasing office, mark N/A).No0/1
  • Did the Leasing Professional give a good first impression? No0/1
  •  Total: 0/13

Comment (Provide as much detail of the greeting as possible. This is a mandatory box.):

My appointment with Catherine was at 2:00 pm. I got to the leasing office at 2:00 pm and there was a notice on the door stating the leasing office was closed from 1:45 pm to 3:00 pm and they would re-open the offices at 3:05 pm. I did not receive a call from Catherine to reschedule our appointment. I called the office and spoke with a different Catherine at headquarters she put me on hold and called the leasing office and did not get an answer either. She told me she would send Catherine a email letting her know I came to the leasing office at 2:00 pm for my appointment as scheduled and no one was there. She stated everyone must had been doing tours and left the office. She asked if i wanted to reschedule I stated I would return at 3:05 pm when they stated the office would re-open and she said she would let Catherine know that in the email.

At 2:42 pm I got a phone call from Catherine that she apologized for not making the appointment at 2:00 pm and she didn’t know the office would be closed at 2:00 pm. She said would you like to make another appointment. I told her I was 2 minutes away at the shopping center and I would like to come now since the office was now open. She said okay I’ll let someone know your be coming into the office so they can help you. I then told her I made the appointment with you I would like to meet with you I’ve already given you my information. She preceded to say we work as a team here and you won’t be meeting with me your meet with someone else and you will be filling out a guest form so they will have your information. She thanked me for calling and we hung up.

Qualifying/ Probing & Gathering

  • Did the Leasing Professional recall or ask about your move?No0/2
  • Did the Leasing Consult recall or ask you what special features or preferences you wanted for your apartment home? No0/4
  • Did the Leasing Consultant recall or ask for your phone number? No0/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant recall or ask how many people would occupy the apartment? No0/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask or recall if you had any pets? No0/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant recall or ask why you were moving? No0/2
  • Did the Leasing Consultant recall or ask for your email address? No0/2
  •  Total: 0/16

Comment (Provide as much detail of the Gathering/Probing as possible. This is a mandatory box.):

Catherine asked me several questions on the phone when I called asking for pricing for apartments. She asked me what my preferences were, how many occupants, my phone number, email address and if I had any pets.

Demonstration/ The Sale

  • Did you see a MODEL or a VACANT apartment?No0/0
  • Did the Leasing Consultant attempt to build rapport by finding out more about you during your visit, while you walked to the vacant/model, during the tour, or while reviewing floor plans?No0/5
  • Did he/she discuss or point out the amenities and facilities of the apartment community? No0/2
  • In the presentation of the vacant, model, or in review of the floor plans, was there discussion regarding your furniture/belongings and how those items would fit in the apartment, to ensure your visit was personalized?No0/2
  • Was the leasing office comfortable (lighting, cleanliness, room temperature, etc.) If there was no vacant/model?No0/4
  • After stating a concern (objection), was your objection overcome?N/A0/0
  • During the demonstration, did the Leasing Consultant reference your specific needs or preferences? N/A0/4
  •  Total: 0/17

Comment (Provide as much detail on the demonstration as possible. This is a mandatory box.):

When I got to the leasing office I was greeted by David. I told David I was here to see Catherine. David asked if I had an appointment with Catherine his expression seemed a little confused I said yes I had one at 2:00 pm but your office was closed and I just spoke with her she’s knows I’m coming in. David then preceded to walk me to a table to fill out a guest form. I filled out a guest form and waited for Catherine. I was greeted by a lady named Shante she greeted me with her name and a smile and asked me what my name was. I told her I was waiting for Catherine and told her my name. She told me she’s helping someone right now (Catherine) but she (Shante) would be able to assist me. I then aborted the appointment.


  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask closing questions during the tour or as they were ending their presentation of the floor plans(if no tour)?N/A0/3
  • Did the Leasing Consultant ask you to fill out an application and discuss the application process? N/A0/10
  • Did the Leasing Consultant create urgency? N/A0/3
  • Were you given a brochure, an application, and/or encouraged to apply online? N/A0/2
  • Did the Leasing Professional explain what was required in order to apply? N/A0/1
  • Based on the presentation, do you feel the Leasing Consultant was actively selling their product/encouraging you to live there? N/A0/5
  •  Total: 0/24

Comment (Provide as much detail on the closing as possible. This is a mandatory box.):

Did not meet with Catherine.

Fair Housing/Crime

  • When you asked, "Is it safe here?", how did the sales consultant respond?N/A0/0
  •  Total: 0/0

Comment (Provide as much detail as possible. This is a mandatory box.):


Site Observations

  • Was the community easy to locate?Yes0/0
  • Were community signs quickly visible?Yes0/0
  • Were there enough directional signs to easily find the leasing office?Yes0/0
  • Were the signs in good repair and attractive?Yes0/0
  • Did you find the property trash free and neat?Yes0/0
  • Was the landscaping attractive? Pot holes in parking lot.Yes0/0
  • Was there any trash or furniture around the dumpsters?No0/0
  • Was the leasing office neat and inviting?Yes0/0
  • Were refreshments made available?Yes0/0
  • Were building entries clean and free of clutter? Mail on the floor and some trash in hallway. Yes0/0
  • Did you notice any siding/trim, etc. which needed painting or repair?No0/0
  • Were laundry rooms neat and clean?N/A0/0
  • Were common areas like pool/playground well maintained?Yes0/0
  • Was your overall impression a positive one?N/A0/0
  • Please describe the condition of the community, leasing office, and vacant/model as well as the common area amenities.N/A0/0
  •  Total: 0/0

Comment (Provide as much detail as possible. This is a mandatory box.):

The community was very well kept and attractive. The signs to the leasing office were very visible. The leasing office was very inviting and comfortable. David in the office asked if I wanted any water so refreshments were offered.

Performance Evaluation

Total Phone Score: NAN%
On Site Score: 0%
Total Score: 0%

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