Report For Tamara Parson at Windbrooke Apartments

Report For Tamara Parson at Windbrooke Apartments

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  • 94%
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Performance Evaluations

Telephone - 100 points possible

  • Did the Leasing Professional answer with the name of the community? (State the exact greeting in the comment box at the end of the section).Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional identify him/herself?Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional obtain your name during the telephone presentation?Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional effectively use your name in conversation?No0/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional convey a warm and inviting attitude? (Please explain in the comment box at the end of the section.)Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional ask for your telephone number? Yes15/15
  • Did the Leasing Professional ask for your email address?No0/0
  • Did the Leasing Professional ask how you knew about the community?No0/3
  • Did the Leasing Consultant determine apartment size?Yes5/5
  • Did the Leasing Consultant determine move-in date?Yes5/5
  • Did the Leasing Consultant determine number of occupants?Yes5/5
  • Did the Leasing Consultant determine if you had any pets?Yes5/5
  • Did the Leasing Consultant determine your price range?Yes5/5
  • Did the Leasing Consultant determine specific needs (i.e. w/d connections, up/downstairs, fireplace)?Yes5/5
  • Did the Leasing Professional suggest you visit the company website?No0/0
  • Did the Leasing Professional describe apartment features and/or amenities? (Please explain in the comment box at the end of the section.) Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional create a sense of urgency?Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional extend an invitation for you to visit the community?Yes3/3
  • Did the Leasing Professional try to set a specific appointment? (Please explain in the comment box at the end of the section.)Yes15/15
  • Did the Leasing Professional offer directions to the community?N/A3/3
  • Based on the Leasing Professional's presentation, were you motivated to visit the community? Yes10/10
  •  Total: 94/100

Telephone Comments (Please provide the phone conversation from start to finish. All details are necessary.):

Tamara answered the phone promptly and identified both herself and the community. I asked if she had any apartments available for rent. Tamara asked, "In what timeframe?" I said, "Ideally end of October, but middle of November could work if necessary." Tamara replied, "Okay. So what size unit were you looking to move into?" I said, "One bedroom." Tamara asked, "Will you be bringing any pets?" I said, "No, but if I wanted to get one, are they allowed?" Tamara said, "We do not allow any caged animals, but we do allow cats and dogs. We allow cats at both properties. I lease two properties out of this office and we allow dogs out of one of the communities. So that's a $250 pet fee and $25 additional to the rent. Now can I start by getting your name?" I gave her my name and phone number. Tamara said, "Let's see what I have for you. Do you have any special features that you want in your home?" I asked, "Do you have any that have gas cooking?" Tamara responded, "No Ma'am. We are only wired through electric." I said, "Okay. And do you have any that have a balcony?" Tamara replied, "Not in our property. Our property does not consist of balconies. But if that's something that is like a deal breaker for you, I actually have a sister property that's right across the street from us. I believe they have balconies and I do have another sister property that is literally around the corner." I said, “It's nothing that I have to have”.

Tamara said, I have a one-bedroom. It is on the middle floor facing the front of the building. It has a total kitchen and total bathroom renovation. Available November 17th, going for $1,072.” I replied, "That sounds good." Tamara asked, "Do you want to make an appointment to see the model?" I said, "Yes, I would like to. Tamara, "Yes Ma'am. This is the actual apartment; I don't have the keys to it yet. But we do have models." I replied, yes, I would like to do that. I don't know that I can come today, are you open every day during the week?" Tamara said, "Yes, Ma'am. So, every day, Monday through Friday from 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Sunday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. What day would be best for you?" I was not sure what day and time would work so I asked if I could call back and make an appointment. Tamara said that was fine and we ended the call.

Performance Evaluation

Total Phone Score: 94%
On Site Score: NAN%
Total Score: 0%

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